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This page contains links to information that provides useful background on members of the reference committee, issues relating to the role of government debt markets and international experience with government debt markets and managing financial asset portfolios.

Members of the reference committee

Role of government debt markets

International experience

  1. Singapore
  2. Hong Kong
  3. United States
  4. Korea
  5. New Zealand
  6. Norway
  7. Canada
  8. Ireland

Other Useful Links

Reference committee

Australian Bankers’ Association

Australian Financial Markets Association

Australian Shareholders’ Association

International Banks and Securities Association of Australia

Professor Ian Harper, Assistant Director and Dean of Faculty at the Melbourne Business School

Role of government debt markets

IMF Capital Market Report 2001: The changing structure of the major government securities markets: Implications for private financial markets and key policy issues

Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Financial market implications of the Federal debt pay down

Bank for International Settlements: The changing shape of fixed income markets

Pay down of Federal debt: Speech by US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan

Australian Financial Markets Association: Australian Financial Markets Report 2001

International experience


Monetary Authority of Singapore

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

United States

Congressional Budget Office

US Bureau of the Public Debt


Ministry of Finance and Economy

New Zealand

New Zealand Treasury

New Zealand Superannuation Fund


Norges Bank

Ministry of Finance


Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board


National Treasury Management Agency

Other useful links

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

Australian Stock Exchange

AXISS Australia

Reserve Bank of Australia

Sydney Futures Exchange