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Public Submissions

The following written submissions have been provided to the Government and identified as not containing confidential material.

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Sorted by No. Title PDF RTF ZipPDF ZipRTF
001 SFE Corporation Limited 637KB NA 502KB NA
002 Centre of Full Employment and Equity 242KB NA NA NA
003 Third Son Financial Services Pty Limited (Part 1) 26KB 20KB NA NA
004 Third Son Financial Services Pty Limited (Part 2) 127KB 84KB NA NA
005 Terry, Chris 22KB 16KB NA NA
006 Allied Irish Bank 30KB 20KB NA NA
007 Lynch, Troy 11KB 79KB NA NA
008 Forest Products Commission Western Australia (Part 1) 167KB NA NA NA
009 Forest Products Commission Western Australia (Part 2) 59KB 70KB NA NA
011 Smith, N.E. 24KB 19KB NA NA
012 Diggle, J., Brooks, R., Tucker, G. 49KB 35KB NA NA
013 ICAP Australia Pty Limited 1787KB NA 1493KB NA
014 Confidential NA NA NA NA
015 Confidential NA NA NA NA
016 ABN AMRO Bank 139KB NA NA NA
017 Commonwealth Bank of Australia 431KB NA 394KB NA
018 TD Securities 31KB NA NA NA
019 Atchison Consultants (Part 1) 24KB 16KB NA NA
020 Atchison Consultants (Part 2) 7KB 18KB NA NA
021 Atchison Consultants (Part 3) 25KB 49KB NA NA
022 Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry 72KB 216KB NA NA
023 Credit Suisse Asset Management 1586KB NA NA NA
024 Confidential NA NA NA NA
025 Australian Stock Exchange 114KB NA NA NA
026 Jana Investment Advisers Pty Limited 84KB NA NA 387KB
027 Australian Council for Infrastructure Development 26KB 625KB NA NA
028 AXA 212KB NA NA NA
029 Queensland Treasury Corporation 228KB 451KB NA NA
030 Deutsche Bank AG Australia 300KB NA NA NA
031 Queensland Investment Corporation 701KB NA NA NA
032 Parchi, Rowan 18KB 10KB NA NA
033 McGregor, R.D. 15KB 6KB NA NA
034 Evatt Foundation 69KB 176KB NA NA
035 Hall, A.R. (Part 1) 11KB 5KB NA NA
036 Hall, A.R. (Part 2) 48KB 38KB NA NA
037 Catholic Superannuation Fund 78KB 72KB NA NA
038 National Australia Bank 207KB NA NA 135KB
039 New South Wales Treasury Department 36KB 86KB NA NA
040 CGS Market Industry Working Group 1,092KB NA NA NA
041 Salomon Smith Barney Australia 53KB NA NA NA
042 Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia 44KB 46KB NA NA
043 Credit Union Services Corporation (Australia) Limited 19KB 25KB NA NA
044 UBS Warburg Australia 192KB NA NA NA
045 Investment and Financial Services Association 208KB NA NA 187KB
046 Retail Employees Superannuation Trust 64KB 49KB NA NA
047 AMP Financial Services 23KB 16KB NA NA
048 Insurance Council of Australia 43KB 21KB NA NA
049 Bonouvrie, Simon 60KB 11KB NA NA

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